How Bout Them Cowboys!!!!!


The Dallas Cowboys have finally done something that made their fans very happy!  In the first round of the NFL draft the Dallas Cowboys traded up from the 14th overall pick to the 6th overall pick.  With that pick they selected CB Morris Claiborne out of LSU who too many was the top prospect in the draft outside of the two quarterbacks.  This came as a surprise too many people considering Dallas needed a safety, but the bottom line was they needed to strengthen the back end of their defense.  Just like any prospect he has his upsides and his downsides but this kid is supposed to be something special.  As a Cowboys fan I’m extremely happy with the pick and the trade up considering Dallas only surrendered their 2nd round pick.  Even if this kid doesn’t work out they didn’t lose much but if he works out to what many expect him to be then Dallas got a steal with this pick.  This is the 2nd year in a row Dallas has drafted a need instead of a high profile player like Jerry Jones likes to do.  Is this an impact from having Jason Garrett as the head coach or is Jerry realizing the error of his ways?  Either way as a Dallas Cowboys fan I’m very pleased with the pick and the move made to be able to make this pick.  I will say I personally wanted Mark Barron Safety from Alabama but according to most scouts Claiborne is the better of the two.  Only time will tell whether Dallas made a good mover or bad but at this moment it looks like a great move!  Do you think Dallas made a good or bad move?  Should they have gone with the Safety instead of the corner?  Let me know what you think below and don’t forget to always check out SportsZone on the tunein radio app (search clubzone) and on http://clubzone.fm/ from 12-2pm eastern every Monday through Friday!!!  You can also call in and voice your opinion at 201-430-2119.  This blog is available on both http://www.facebook.com/SportsZoneonClubZone as well as http://clubzone.fm/blog/ .


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