Dolby to bring surround sound to clubs

The listening environment inside a club is about to get a lot more interesting.

Dolby Laboratories, the innovative company behind movie and home theater surround sound technology, is gearing up to make their first concentrated leap into the live music world. The company plans to bring their patented Dolby Atmos system — which powers nearly every big blockbuster in cinema — to the club setting, empowering DJs to utilize the new technology in the process.

“A club that has been outfitted with a Dolby Atmos set-up will give audiences a unique and high-quality audio experience they’ve never had before,” says Gabe Cory, Product Manager of Dolby Atmos Music. “This sets the venue apart and also draws in forward thinking artists and DJs that want to push the boundaries by mixing their music in Dolby Atmos.”

It’s a fascinating idea, especially considering music venues have long been relegated to stereo or mono setups. The concept of a surround system opens the door for an entirely new listening environment, whereupon specific sounds can be placed anywhere in the room, from above listeners’ heads, to the far corners of the venue.

“When you hear the difference between a set mixed in stereo versus Dolby Atmos, there’s no comparison. – Gabe Cory, Product Manager, Dolby Atmos Music, Dolby Laboratories

To facilitate the change, a venue must be out outfitted with a surround sound system and a DJ’s music must be prepared and delivered with Dolby Atmos software. From a producer’s standpoint, it’s an easier change than one would imagine. One can simply apply the Dolby Atmos panner plugin within a DAW and arrange specific surrounds around the 3D mixing space. Using the Dolby Atmos DJ app, one can then perform the songs and move the sounds around the listening space in real time.

Perhaps most exciting, however, is potential of Dolby’s software in the right hands. An artist like Nicolas Jaar or Amon Tobin could have a field day with surround sound performances. As it happens, Dolby is partnering with specific artists to debut the concept, the names of which will be announced in the coming weeks.


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Make your mood into music with the new app Cove

Hundreds of playlists are built off moods, so why not take it one step further and create your own music inspired by how you’re feeling today? The new app Cove aims to do just that. By breaking the music making process down to the very basics, Cove allows users to start with one of six base “mood” sound packs, composed of pre-programmed sounds, to create their own songs from mixtures of bass lines and melodies. For the slightly more advanced level, users will also be able to make their own sounds to incorporate in their new music.

“It’s a platform to play with the building blocks of music, without the need to know what they are or what they do. Cove provides the freedom to simply create,” says Humane Engineering, developers of Cove.


Via: DJ Mag

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Apple to shut down Beats Music on November 30th

After being purchased by Apple last year for $3 billion, Beats‘ eventual sunset was inevitable. Now officially ending, Apple has sent a press release urging Beats Music users to switch over immediately. Sonos users were also told of the impending cease of service and were encouraged to move their playlists to Apple Music as soon as possible. Currently the second most popular streaming platform behind Swedish giant Spotify, subscriptions to Apple Music range from $10 a month to $15.

View the press release from Beats below.

“Beats Music ends on November 30. Your subscription will be cancelled, but you can move your picks and preferences over to Apple Music right now.

All the pros that curated music for you are still crafting more amazing experiences. Plus, on Apple Music, you’ll get even better recommendations based on music you already listen to and love, 24/7 global radio with Beats 1, exciting material from your favorite artist, and more.”

Via: Fortune Magazine

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Mixcloud partners with Apple TV and announced its own app

With the streaming race more intense than ever and SoundCloud’s constant track takedowns, Mixcloud looks to take its growing library of DJ mixes, radio shows, podcasts, and more to a mass audience with its own Apple TV partnership.

Fans will be able to browse through Mixcloud’s entire library and play any of the site’s uploaded content. Apple TV currently offers a variety of video streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, HBOGO, and the company’s own media stores. With Spotify and SoundCloud absent, MixCloud finds themselves as the premier source for long-form music consumption on Apple TV and could gain serious market share in the home environment with this move. This partnership comes after MixCloud joined the Sonos app library, which hosts most of the music streaming power players like Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, Deezer, and SiriusXM.

The MixCloud app is now live on Apple TV.

H/T: Magnetic Mag

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SoundCloud introduces SoundCloud Pulse, a new creator-specific Android app

Despite SoundCloud’s cyclical battle with major labels, the company seems to continue pushing forward to play an integral role in the online music community. Many producers and musicians have been limited on SoundCloud’s mobile front as the platform’s iOS and Android apps have been directed more towards the listener experience with its simplistic nature. However, the German company has now launched a new version of their app for Android users with the creator in mind - SoundCloud Pulse.

With SoundCloud Pulse, users can now use a plethora of functions from SoundCloud desktop version including replying to comments, viewing track statistics, sharing tracks privately and publicly, and following other users. Unfortunately for iOS users, SoundCloud Pulse is only available on Android for now, though there is hope for later versions. You can check the app out and download it on Google Play.

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Doppler’s Here Active Listening system to ship in December

Doppler Labs, the renowned startup known for pioneering wearable audio technology, has made great progress on its newest brainchild: Here Active Listening. In June,the company behind DUBS Acoustic Filters made the bold move to launch Here – the world’s first audio device that permits users to control live sound with special effects and EQ settings – via Kickstarter. The final prototype is on track to ship out in December, and while Here is not currently for sale, interested parties can join the waitlist by telling Doppler why they want to be among the first to test the new product.

Here offers enhancement features for trebles, mids, and lows - permitting users to fully curate the way in which they hear sounds on a daily basis. Aimed at musicians and audiophiles alike, Here’s next generation is slated to have the ability to cancel out certain frequencies and tones, or adjust the bass of your current setting. For example, if you were to wear Here at a concert, the wireless earbuds would allow you to increase or decrease the bass exactly to your liking. All functions are controlled by Here’s smartphone app, which gives listeners the rare and much-needed opportunity to optimize their listening experience.

Learn more about Here Active Listening.

Via: TechCrunch

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