What Are You Doing?


What are you doing is the only question I can think of to ask head coach Mike Brown and the LA Lakers about last night’s debacle in Oklahoma   City!  With a 7 point lead and only 2 minutes to go it looked like the Lakers had game 2 of their Western Conference semi-finals series against OKC wrapped up but apparently LA and OKC had something different in mind.  OKC ended the game on a 9-0 run but it was the Lakers decision making and execution down the stretch that cost them the game.  Especially Kobe Bryant, yes I said Kobe Bryant!!!  Kobe in the last 2 minutes had no points, 2 turnovers and wasted 11 seconds off the clock and let OKC use their last foul to give so that the Lakers only had 5 seconds to get off a shot.  Then to put icing on the cake Mike Brown draws up a flair screen for Kobe that anyone with basketball knowledge knows you can’t make a cross court pass from out of bounds especially in that situation.  So instead Metta World Peace passes to Steve Blake who shot an unnecessary 3 with Lakers only down 1 point.  As I started this blog the real question is WHAT AREYOU DOING?  Kobe should have had the ball in his hands on that last shot and the fact Mike Brown draws up a play that takes Kobeas far away from the ball as possible is just ignorant in my opinion.  This team couldn’t afford to lose this game especially the way they did and I don’t think they have a chance anymore against OKC.  Especially since they play a back to back on Friday then Saturday this older Lakers team most likely won’t have the energy to handle the young and hungry OKC in a back to back.  If LA doesn’t get swept I won’t be surprised but if they go back to OKC tied at 2-2 in the series then I will be surprised!  Is LA done?  Is Mike Brown done in LA?  Can the Lakers rebound from this loss?  Let me know what you think below and don’t forget to always check out SportsZone on the tunein radio app (search clubzone) and on http://clubzone.fm/ from 12-2pm eastern every Monday through Friday!!!  You can also call in and voice your opinion at 201-430-2119.  This blog is also available on http://www.facebook.com/SportsZoneonClubZone  .

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