Is Hope Enough For The NY Knicks?


Tonight the Knicks travel to Miamifor game 5 in the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference playoffs.  After an exciting and hard fought win on Sunday the Knicks prevented the Heat from sweeping them and forced game 5.  With the win Sunday and how the past two games have gone a lot of Knicks fans have hope that the Knicks can still win the series, though they trail 3-1 and no team in NBA history has come back from being down 3-0.  In the last two games the Knicks have held the Miami Heat to 87 pts in each game and are 1-1, both games went down to the last minutes.  Knicks fans truly believe if they can win tonight they can win the series.  They have hope in Melo, Amare and Coach Mike Woodson to lead this team.  Knicks fans have hope that Miamiwill choke under the lights and once again not achieve their goal of an NBA Championship.  I know that Miami is a better team then NY, their better rebounders, their better defensively and they have a better offensive scheme.  So do I think hope is enough for the NY Knicks, NO!  Now if the Knicks take the game tonight my opinion may change but I doubt it because Miamijust has to much talent for the Knicks and not to mention as I said before no team has come back from being down 3-0.  It hasn’t happened because beating a team 4 games in a row in the NBA Playoffs is almost impossible after losing 3 in a row.  It’s happened in other sports and that’s what Knicks fans need to have hope in, that it can happen in basketball!  Do you think hope is enough for the NY Knicks?  Let me know what you think below and don’t forget to always check out SportsZone on the tunein radio app (search clubzone) and on http://clubzone.fm/ from 12-2pm eastern every Monday through Friday!!!  You can also call in and voice your opinion at 201-430-2119.  This blog is also available on http://www.facebook.com/SportsZoneonClubZone .

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